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Don’t open this message if all you need is a shitty Website !!

Don’t open this message if all you need is a shitty Website !!

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Letting out the secrets of what makes a website conversion Focused ?

Catchy and informative Home page

This is the page most people will see first, and as such, it should tell everyone who you are and what your company does. The content on your homepage should be intriguing enough to capture the attention of your visitors within seconds. Your homepage needs to be well-designed, load fast and look professional. There are studies that show that you have 0.05 seconds to convince people stay on your website.

About us page

The about page is often one of the most visited page on any website.

What to include:

A summary of your company, whom it employs (with biographies and pictures of the staff, or just yourself if you are a sole proprietor), any special achievements you received, and the ways you differ from others that provide the same product or service.

An Easy to Remember URL

Despite you URL name being relevant to your business, it is equally important that it is not so complex for people to remember. You don’t want multiple dashes or numbers in your website URL. Instead, it’s important to have a simple address. Since you will say it over the phone and may put it on marketing materials like posters or even billboards, you want something that can be typed in without any issues.

Use Quality Pictures and Subheadings

Since online readers like to scan, be sure to break up any big chunks of text on your site by utilizing relevant images and informative subheadings.

A Reliable Host

If your site is down, it’s not going to help your business. That’s why it’s vital to carefully research your options before committing to a specific host. Ensure your hosting provider uses the best practices to secure your servers from hackers and updates your web software’s regularly. Using a fully managed hosting service ensures your website is always updated and properly maintained.

Testimonials / Reviews Page

This is your chance to show off positive reviews your company has received. Where possible, include photos and contact info of the author (a link their social media account, not their personal phone number).

This will add authenticity to each testimonial. Anyone can write a review, but those with photos of real people that can be traced to an actual source credibility and establishes trust.

Clear Calls-To-Action and Contact Information

Every lead is important and especially for a small business. Make it very clear to the online visitors literally what you want them to do. You may want them to call you, or sign up, or fill out a form, etc. Add a noticeable call-to-action by using special buttons or highlighting the text.

Integrate your social media account with website

It’s 2020 and there’s no reason for websites not to have social media icons. Social media is a fantastic way for your customers to learn more about you and stay current with your business. It’s a way for them to connect with you on different platforms and for you to put some personality behind your brand.

SSL Certificate

In this day and age, a secure website is no longer optional, and SSL certification is now a “must-have” for any business website. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol is responsible for creating secure communication between a website and its visitors.

Google’s updated browser now displays a Not Secure message in the URL of any website that does not have SSL. A “Not Secure” notice could have a dramatic impact on your business by preventing visitor engagement.

Awards, Certifications, or Associations

These builds credibility, speaks about the quality of your work, and supports your image as an expert in your field and a trusted business partner. Like testimonials – awards, certifications, and associations prove that you’re trustworthy and reliable.

As a small business owner this would help you immensely to build confidence in your visitors and convert them into long term customer or clients.

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