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Leverage The Power Of Social Dissemination For Your Business

Social Media is the most powerful information tool of present times. PurpleSoft lets you get the upper hand when it comes to leveraging social media and getting ahead of the competition.

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Social media has evolved from a place where you met long lost friends to a channel for targeted information interchange.
Today, with most consumers looking to social as the primary source of information consumption, businesses can’t afford to ignore this avenue of marketing.
That’s why, PurpleSoft experts lay special emphasis on social channels. By spreading the word about your business on Facebook, TikTok and beyond, we enable your brand to gain extreme visibility.
Social Media Marketing That Empowers

Facebook Marketing

Without a doubt the largest social network on the planet, Facebook has morphed from a dorm room sensation to a global phenomenon.

With a majority of consumers regularly active on Facebook, this is a rich communication channel which offers a unique platform to connect with users, even at a personal level.

By strategic use of Facebook pages, paid adverts and optimisation principles, any business can augment their online visibility manifold.
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Instagram Marketing

Instagram is the social network that’s making visible waves right now. Today, most social interactions are visual, and the impact of visual content can’t be denied.

Instagram allows you to market your business on a visual level like no other platform does. Leveraging the power of video and photos, Instagram can be used to connect with customers across multiple channels.

Whether it’s Remarketing, building User Engagement, or leveraging User-Generated-Content, Instagram is emerging as a leader of social marketing. And as with everything, it’s best to start early to get first-mover advantage.

LinkedIn Marketing

If Facebook is the goto community for B2C, then for B2B there’s no better network than LinkedIn. A vast network of over 500 million members, LinkedIn is an ever increasing community.

And this is where the power of the platform lies. Marketing your business on LinkedIn allows you to spread the word among professionals across industry verticals globally.

With LinkedIn by your side, you stand to improve leads, boost traffic and create greater awareness for your brand. In short, for B2B marketing, LinkedIn is the way to go.
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Snapchat Marketing

Going by the 2020 figures, Snapchat sees over 218 million active users everyday. That translates to over 2 billion snaps each day!

With such levels of engagement it’s no wonder that Snapchat is quickly becoming the channel of choice for marketers.

Want users to interact with your brand daily? Trying to reach out to a wide and young demographic? Need to leverage unique insights on your target audience? Snapchat lets you do all that, and more.

TikTok Marketing

Primarily geared for the younger generation, TikTok has quickly emerged from being a quaint video-sharing platform to a worldwide social networking phenomenon.

And businesses have been quick to jump onto the TikTok marketing bandwagon. Primarily meant for targeting teens and tweens, TikTok is marketing heaven if used correctly.

Attention spans are shrinking, and fast. By working with influencers, micro-content creators and TikTok ads, your business can stay at the top of customer awareness.
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How To Get Started With Purplesoft Social Media Campaign?
Choice Of Channel
Not every social channel is right for your business. Nor does it pay dividends to stick to only one. Before we begin, we take time to understand your business and recommend the channel(s) that’d be most beneficial.
Strategy Management
Once the channel is settled upon we craft an appropriate strategy that’s tailored to your channel of choice and business goals. Don’t fret; you’re going to be fully involved in the process.
First Contact
We get to work. The word is spread about your business through Facebook posts and ads, LinkedIn content or snaps, whichever meets the needs of the hour.
Capturing Customer Data
Through well positioned social interaction, our experts successfully capture customer data for integration into the CRM. We also take steps to amp up the customer engagement factor.
Retargeting And Beyond
Once we have the customer info, we use advanced social media retargeting with a cross-channel approach to keep your brand on top of the user attention stream.
Convert, Retain, Repeat
After successful conversion, we take care to keep the customers engaged so that they keep coming back. And then it’s a simple rinse and repeat for new leads.
Frequently asked questions.
Just take a moment to think about it: social media marketing is measurable, targeted and can be tweaked according to your business needs. What’s more, with social media, you get access to unique customer insights that ensure greater engagement. With so much to offer, why would you advertise traditionally?
Seeing as social media marketing is not a one-size-fits-all game, the costs of the campaigns vary depending upon your business goals and campaign requirements. For a detailed discussion, get in touch with our representative today!
Once again, the answer varies with your business goals and target audience. The choice of the right social network will obviously change with your target demographic. For best results, it’s advisable to use a combination of social channels instead of putting all your eggs in one basket.
We’ll keep sending you regular reports on the progress of your social campaigns. If, however, you have any specific questions, you can always get in touch with our representative for a detailed discussion.
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Unparalleled Growth, Unmatched Superiority
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